Ground – Small Furniture

A room with just … a table, desk, wall altar.
And a cradle, offering a sheltered place, within
your aura, in which to lay the baby after carrying.

Ground – Small Furniture is the result of thoughts about small space living, about movement and awareness. The small furniture is both symbolic and practical.

Ground is made of elm wood. The essence of the elm is movement, a rhythmic movement, suspended as gesture. This can be followed down to the fine undulating structure of the wood.

How would our movement be affected if we were to live ‘on the ground’ more?
Like when children play on the floor.
Would we be more grounded, more aware, truly make contact with the earth? How would our connection with each other and our surroundings be? With our children?

Ground draws attention to the unique needs of a newborn child. The crib symbolises new life. It represents the closeness with the mother, the father, the caretaker. The first few weeks, the first months.

What if quiet mother-child work areas were self-evident?

We pass life on to our children. Which values and substance from our culture are thereby preserved in this new age? Is that the generation crib?

The elm wood of Ground is untreated, leaving the original colour visible and the wood surface pure and tangible. One can choose to rub the wood with oil, with respect for the transition to the personal environment.

Materials   untreated elm wood (from The Netherlands)

Text   pruun with Lieke van Spreeuwel
Translation   Translation Matters
Photography   Roos van der Sanden